New Ministry Reports Key Achievements

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The ministry also incorporated efforts to identify appropriate locations for quarrying through inspection visits and consultation meetings with mining communities.

During the year, two officers were deployed to serve in Kapoeta to facilitate the process of issuing mining licenses as the ministry successfully drafted guidelines for quarrying and designed quarrying certificates which were submitted to the Ministry of Legal Affairs for approval and encouraged miners to register with the Directorate of Industry and Mining through inspection visits and information sessions.

The ministry registered 566 businesses, out of which 523 are foreigners while 43 are local South Sudanese.

The minister disclosed to Gurtong that her Ministry has collected from 34,053 South Sudanese Pounds from non oil revenues.

The ministry was established in February and is the principal government agency responsible for administering state wide policies on development of private sector and public private partnerships, and creating conducive investment environment that could create an enabling environment for employment and reduce poverty.

The ministry coordinates industrial, commercial and trade matters and liaises with various public and private sector organizations to facilitate the implementation of government  policies related to commercial and trade activities, industry, investment and mining.

Eastern Equatoria State is rich in natural resources, with a vast arable land, tourist sites such as Fulla falls and Nimule National Park in Magwi County, Imatong Ranges and Kidepo Game Reserve in Ikwoto County.

There exists wildlife in Badingilo and Boma National Park, gold deposits, limestone, fossil fuel and precious stones in Kapoeta and oil in Block B covering the north western part of the state.  
According to the minister, the key mandate is formulation of policies to develop industries and create employment, improve the competitiveness of domestic economy and promote investment in the state.

The ministry plays a stimulating and facilitating role in building a sustainable and diversified state economy for the benefit of its people.

The goal is to improve the state’s economy through vital investments in potential growth industries but not limited to, agriculture, livestock, energy, mining, healthcare, communications, financial services, industry, wildlife, tourism and education.

The minister revealed that her ministry will establish partnerships to enhance the opportunities and foster innovation in these sectors. The ministry comprises of five key directorates.

During the year, investors several investors and companies visited the state including Chinese Investment ( Golden Bridge Cement), Pacific Seaboard, International Investment, German Investment, Partnership Investment, Koroma Metals, Sino-Hydro Corporation Limited, Intercom. AG German, Mirrage and Probase Limited.

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