Commissioners Gather In Yei

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The State’s Local Government Minister, Albert Pitia Redentore said the forum is aimed at bringing the six commissioners together to let the commissioners interact with the state ministers, because the commissioners are the government representatives at the grassroots delivering services to the people.

The Forum also brought the members of the Business Council from Central Equatoria State to listen to the problems facing the commissioners in their various counties.

Albert also said that the meeting will improve the local government system at the county level for effective service delivery.

He said the local people at the grassroots do not know the Local Government Act and there is need to translate it into local dialect for the chiefs and the local people to understand.

Meanwhile, Professor Paul Ladu Brani, the Minister of Animal Resources and Fishery, representing the governor of Central Equatoria state said the state policy is development of the areas and service delivery to the people.

He said that the state government should be committed to serve the people as without commitment there will be no development and services to the people.

He said the forum is to look into the issues of building more schools in the counties to accommodate the congested pupils in the available education facilities.

The meeting is also expected to discuss ways of opening up more health centers in the counties to improve on the health status of the rural population.

Ladu added that food production and modalities on how to improve and increase agricultural productivities in their counties will also be an issue for discussion by the members at the forum.

The commissioners are expected to discuss road networks in the state as the government is committed to rehabilitate the Yei-Lasu, Yei-Morobo, Morobo-Kajokeji, Kajokeji-Juba and Tali – Juba roads.

According to Professor Ladu, Central Equatoria state used to collect 13 million South Sudanese pounds monthly, but it lost revenues after the centralization of all taxes and revenues by the central government.

The forum is organized by the Central Equatoria state Ministry of Local Government, in collaboration with the UNMISS and UNDP is expected to run for two days.

The 2013 Commissioners’ Forum will be held in Lainya County.

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  1. I suggest the Central Equatoria State Government to ensure connectivity of the Counties (roads) as the first priorities followed by Agric and establishment of the populace ( I mean demarcation of plots), this will establish the population to focus on development NOT developing doubts in their minds and finally water should another focus of the state government in collaboration with its partners. all these should be the first four priorities.

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