Raiders Kill Two In Nyirol County, Jonglei

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Kuach said he received information about an attack launched by suspected Murle tribesmen resulting to the killing of the two in Waat Payam.

“Before I arrived Bor, I got an information about what happen in one of my payams called Waat that there was an attack launched on Lim Boma by group of cattle raiders who are believe to be Murle,” he said.

He said after the cattle rustlers went away with some raided cattle the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) rescued the situation and return back raided cattle adding that raiders received some injuries during the fire exchange with SPLA forces.

“SPLA intervene and rescued situation of the wounded people and returned some few raided cattle plus goats from the cattle raiders,” he said.

Commissioner said his county was suppose to have thought of development but due to heavy rains for nearly eight months, some developmental projects were interrupted by the rain.

He hopes construction works on the development projects will resume by the end of February 2013.
He said that during the rainy season health services to Nyirol County were affected because of poor transport but they received help through the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) helicopters which usually deliver services to the county by air.

“The health services given to us are not enough but better than nothing,” Kuach said.

“They have the great expectation of improving their conditions of agriculture. The people are actually increasing their efforts on agriculture projects,” he said.

The Member of National Assembly, Michael Ruot Koryom urged his people to adapt the peaceful coexisting within the communities so that everybody has peace and stop cattle raiding, child abduction and killing of innocent people.

He urged the SPLA to commit on protecting civilians so that they can achieve peace.

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