SPLM Plans Convention To Discuss Party Documents

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“Now I have come to ask the chairman when we should present this document to the SPLM Political Bureau, because from the Political Bureau it will go to the National Liberation Council from there it will make its way to the Extra Ordinary Convention.” Dr. Itto said.

She was speaking after meeting the SPLM Chairman.

“We were also discussing the day for the Extra Ordinary Convention. For technicality it can only happen in the first week of February because our constitution states that before you call a convention you must give a one month notice.” she said.

“We took this document to the people in the grass roots because SPLM is a people’s party, we wanted them to comment on the draft to see if it is in line with their aspirations,” she said.

Dr. Itto said the successes of SPLM are the successes of South Sudan, and that the SPLM will stand by their chairman as a party for service delivery to the citizens.

“This year would be a year of unity, a year of winning the economic war and a year of guaranteeing security to our people. I have come to brief him [Chairman of the SPLM, President Salva Kiir] about what we have in terms of building the SPLM,” Dr. Anne stressed.

“We have being passing the four basic documents of the party; which is the manifesto, the constitution, the basic rules and regulations and the code of conduct. Which are very important because we have to review them because what we had was when Sudan was one,” she said.

These will all start with a Round Table Forum on Monday 7th -9th of January for the SPLM leadership to look at the views collected from SPLM membership last year.

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