SPLA Kills 3 Rebels In Pibor County

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Pibor County Commissioner, Joshua Konyi Irer said the criminals were trying to enter into the town at night but failed and ran into an army ambush and some of them run to the northern direction of Pibor town.

“They were trying to enter into the town at Hiya Kanitha area but failed in contention with the South People Liberation Army (SPLA) forces,” he said.

He said in a clash with their SPLA force, the rebel killed one young boy and wounded two women during the exchange.

Konyi said the rebel group usually comes to town at night to steal food and that the rebel activities have increased in the recent days.

He said they have strengthened patrols at night to provide security and protect the civilians.

In December, the Restore Peace in Jonglei State Commander, Lt. Gen. Kuol Diem Kuol promised to resume the disarmament exercise during the dry season.

David Yau Yau rebelled from Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and contested for the post as independent candidate and he then lost the MP seat to SPLM candidate Judy Jokongole in Gumuruk Boma constituency in Pibor County.

The disarmament forces were sent to 11 counties in Jonglei and paramilitary police are still in the ground for their mission.

The disarmament campaign in the state resulted to collection of approximated 18,000 firearms last year.

Jonglei State leaders have urged the communities to support the disarmament exercise and that those who are against the disarmament exercise are misleading the community.

Benjamin Malek Alier MP, who represents Bor South County at the national parliament, said the attacks are “unfortunate” considering the efforts put into the disarmament campaign in 2012.

Malek also questioned whether Yau Yau’s rebellion could be blamed for Jonglei’s security problems.

“What is an objective of Yau Yau? If Yau Yau is against the government of South Sudan, why are they attacking civilians? There is no different between Yau Yau and Murle raiders,” he said.

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