Norwegian Ruling Party Shares Experience With SPLM In Juba

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

A member of the NLP who is also the Norway’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Lund Kjetil Lund told the press at Nyakuron Cultural Centre that they have a cooperation project between the Norwegian Labour Party and the SPLM.

“We have been discussing party building and how to shape the future of South Sudan,” he told the press.

Mr. Lund also said that South Sudan is a young nation facing a lot of challenges and the two countries are similar in many regards given that they both have a huge petroleum sector.

The Norwegian Labour Party is a social democrat which believes in strong private sector as well as strong state ownership particular in regards to natural resource ownership.

Meanwhile the SPLM Spokesperson, Yen Mathieu Chol told the press that NLP is an old friend of the SPLM and that the move is to gain  experience from NLP which has ruled Norway for a long period.

He added that 100 years back, Norway had similar issues with South Sudan adding that Norway was poor with illiterate people years back but now has gone some steps ahead.

Yen said that the move is to benefit from the experience of the NLP and see which of their experience can be useful.

He further said that they are looking at how they build their government and how they benefit from their oil and strengthen other sectors of the economy.

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