Youth Urged To Defend Culture

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Malakal Nile Cultural Group Chairperson, Yohana Achuil has blamed South Sudanese youth for importing negative foreign cultures and copying negative beliefs.

He said the appearance street children in the major cities of South Sudan launched the true wars against the rich and innocent cultures of the nation.

“Our cultures are fading out while [we are] watching,” he said, adding that “There are many groups within Malakal town, namely: Outlaw, West Coast, and so on.”

“These groups are wild and they appear so fierce to any kind of person they encounter. It is a bad culture and we need to fight it out,” he said.

He urged the leaders to rescue the situation by creating a pleasant environment that will promote artists in the state.

He said if there are good places for leisure and gatherings, artists, dramatists and people of different cultures will appear to help in promoting the cultures of South Sudan instead of killing them.

“We have a number of dramas and songs from artists in Upper Nile state in various languages. All these contain messages for promoting cultures of peace in the society,” he added.

Achuil said South Sudan is not in need of cultures from other countries.

“It is we who can rather take our cultures from here to either, Uganda, Kenya, United States, and Australia and elsewhere in the world. We have diverse cultures of course and they must need it,” he said.

The State Information and Broadcasting Minister, Philip Jiben Ogal, said his state will promote the culture of art to fight against the strange cultures that have emerged in the state.

Ogal instructed all the cultural groups in Upper Nile state to work positively in bringing up African Cultures in South Sudan.

South Sudan separated from Sudan last year after long civil war. The people of the now new nation said in past that their African cultures were marginalized before the separation.

To support the Nile Cultural Group, the minister pledged to give donate five bulls to the group to support their program.

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