Four Killed In Rumbek North Attack

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Thursday clashes in Maper located about 75 miles from Rumbek are said to have been well organized as the attackers were in a big numbers but the locals managed to rescue the cows from raiders with the help of the organized forces from the area.

The County spokesman Peter Makuei Tinyjok, reported that Rumbek North County has continually witnessed unrest from attackers coming in from Unity State.

He said that the youth are alert following information that the Unity State pastoralists are organizing to attack the county headquarters.

“We have strong evidence that unity state pastoralist youth are organizing to assault this county,” he said.

Rumbek North Paramount Chief Kuclong Marial Wuol appealed to the national government to increase the protection of citizens from what he described as militia based at Madol Payam.

The Lakes State government has reinforced security in the area to protect the civilians from the raiders.

“I appeal to Government of South Sudan in Juba and Lakes State government to protect my civilians. They were being disarmed by SPLA forces and my youth remain without guns, they are defenceless to their properties,” said Chief Wuol.

He added that Madol Payam in Rumbek North is a flashpoint where militias from Unity State are stationed with intentions to launch an attack into Lakes State territory.

The Secretary General of the Rumbek North Youth Union in Juba, Wuol Agany said insecurity in Rumbek North County, at Madol Payam will increase if the national government could not pay attention to the payam dispute.

In a meeting held at South Sudan Hotel, Agany appealed to the government of South Sudan to intervene in the area, explaining that their people have been attacked by suspected gun men from Unity State.

He also added that the forces in Madol Payam have to be relocated to another area because they are causing insecurity in the area.

However, Yirol West County commissioner Makur Kulang Liei reported that the raiders were also repulsed in the cattle camp after they attempted to raid cattle.

The county has set up security forces to protect civilians as the raiders are being monitored.

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