Governor Orders Immediate Peaceful Disarmament

Unity State Governor Taban Deng Gai (middle) Orders Immediate Disarmament to Restore Peace in the State. [File photo]

This follows a recent resolution from the State Security Meeting. “The rampant possession of arms by civilians, lack of roads and limited police posts along the borders of these pastoral communities are some of the key attributes to lack of peace and stability in the triangular border of the three states of Lakes, Warrap and Unity,” said Deng.

He ordered the SPLA to immediately conduct a peaceful disarmament in all the counties of the state.  The governor did not give more details on when the exercise will exactly take place.

The state authorities say possession of illegal arms have resulted to death over 140 lives and about 300 have been wounded. The victims of such violence are usually the elderly people, women and children from all sides along the borders of the three states.

“The borders of three States witnessed over the past few years repeated incidents of cattle rustling, claiming many lives of civilians and thousands of cattle being rustled by unknown gunmen who are believed to be crossing from their respective communities.

“The SPLA should work hard to minimize these incidents by taking away all the illegal arms at the hands of civilians,” the governor added.

A resident of the State Mr. James Luer welcomed the order, saying disarmament is good but it should not be done in one part to the advantage of other parts. 
Last year the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan held three separate consecutive meetings during his two-day visit to the three States from 18th to 19th February 2012.

The First meeting took place in Rumbek North County (Maper) in Lakes State, the second in Tonj East County (Romij) in Warrap State and the third was in Mayiandit County in Unity State. 

All the three governors of Warrap, Lakes and Unity states accompanied by their commissioners, advisors, ministers, paramount chiefs of the three border communities attended the meetings. 

Successful comprehensive disarmament through transformation and professionalization of the armed forces to ensure no return of arms into the hands of the civilians was one of the resolutions of the meetings.

Another resolution was the completion of present national roads and key security roads linking three states and neighboring county commissioners on matters of security and economic interests and provision of police protection force at the cattle camps assembling water-point at swamps areas.

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