IFP President Buthelezi will fly to London to pay respects to Margaret Thatcher

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) President Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP will depart for London on Tuesday to pay his last respects to Baroness Margaret Thatcher.  Buthelezi and Thatcher remained close friends for a very long time. The two made efforts to stay in touch even after she retired from politics.

“Buthelezi leaves for London tomorrow (Tuesday) to attend the funeral of his late friend… with whom he stayed in very close contact, even after her retirement from politics… They found themselves to be kindred spirits, equally committed to the cause of freedom in the world, and to a non-communist outcome to the South African liberation.

“Like Buthelezi, Thatcher stood by her principles and recognized that the abdication of principles only leads to decay. She shared Buthelezi’s dream to make South Africa great… She loved South Africa and saw and hoped for a leadership place in the world for our country,” the Inkatha Freedom Party said in a statement on Monday.

Late Thatcher joined Prince Buthelezi in raising voice against violence and the Soviet-backed ANC’s People’s War in South Africa. She supported his call for a comprehensive, negotiated outcome to South Africa’s liberation, rather than the impossible dream of a Soviet backed armed struggle and insurrection. Buthelezi will be accompanied by his advisor, Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, an IFP MP.

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  1. Finally Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi tells us what really led to him leaving the ANC and changing the mission of the Inkatha YeNkululeko Yesizwe Nationa; Cultural Movement from being an awareness pressure group into a buffer of the aparthecomment_ID system. Those who may remember Princw Buthelezi was part of BCM until advances of the revolution led to the intensified armed struggle and a call for sanctions. Unfortunately, reason prevail as Tatcher, Reagan and others failed to stop our advance to freedom. Tell us more Mntwana.

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