Malakal Power Station To Be Opened In May

Engineer Agau Deng Madol at Malakal power station with wiring staff working at the power station scheduled to launch in May. [Jok P Mayom]

Malakal Power Station Area Manager Eng. Agau Deng Madol has said that the launching will be at the beginning of May when preparations are fully done.

“We don’t want to officially open and citizens don’t see sufficient power supply at their residential areas, we want to make sure there are no interruptions before opening”, he said.

“Malakal Power Station had the old generators installed by Chinese in the 1970s during the time of Nimeri but now they become old and were replaced after the comprehensive agreements,” said Agau.

“Malakal power station is comprised of six caterpillar generators, each generator has the capacity of 1.5 Megawatts of power supply,” he said.

“ The current generators supplying the power were installed in the year 2009 in Malakal town, their power supply have been interrupted by the closure of South Sudan and Sudan border and shutdown of the oil pipe line in the production areas of Palouge,” said the Area Manager.

“The power supply in Malakal town has been from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am before the fuel shortage but now we are operating from 7:00pm to midnight to some parts of the town like government houses using the Muderia line due to fuel shortage,” he said.

The offices were supplied with power during the day using their respective generators during the day.

“There are three lines of power supply in the town; feeder line from power station to Muderia, eastern zone line, and the third line in the southern zone all originate from the power station with feeder line supplying government houses,” he said.

“All the generators are now functioning after some got renewed with the new ones from Khartoum before the referendum, its only fuel shortage that interrupted the power supply,” Agau said.

“We have now three more generators send from Khartoum of about 5 Megawatts in total under installation now as the preparations are underway to increase the power supply,” said Agau.

He said they faced some challenges in the management of power supply to the city as it was due to the austerity measures, but now hope that as oil flow resumes things will be all right.

“Fuel shortage top the challenges of lack of power supply in the city but with the little support the state government has done it has been able to supply power to the citizens,” he said.

“We shall make sure that power supply to the whole city of Malakal will be efficient,” he said.

Lack of Electricity in Malakal town has been an issue in the distribution of water to the citizens in the town and this made many residents to get the Nile waters for domestic use.

Agau urges the citizens to be patience as they wait for the power supply as there will not be any more interruptions if oil flow resumes effectively.

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