Police Seek Motorists’ Support To Reduce Road Accidents

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The police management says if all respond positively to the call, motor accidents on roads would considerably be minimized as a result.

The head of Traffic Police Patrol, Lieutenant Sunday Salvino Akai Jamus strongly appealed to all motor and Boda-boda dealers or motorcyclists to respond positively to the call.

She believes by so doing, frequent road accidents could easily be reduced.

Police notes that accident-related deaths are on the rise hence needs attention from both road regulators and road users like drivers and motorcyclists.

The Traffic Police in Eastern Equatoria have just last week launched a major operation to crackdown motorists and motorcycle riders operating without Number Plates, Licenses and Log Books.

The operations in Eastern Equatoria State started following several calls by the Department of Traffic Police through radio announcements and talk shows on state owned radio.

The operation will continue for two weeks and those affected will be given time to process all the required documents or certificates by visiting the Department of Traffic Police for the registration and to enable them obtain numbers plates and licenses apart from equally seeking procession of official insurance.

Those violating traffic rules and regulations will have to be fined variedly depending on charges.

In June, the Eastern Equatoria State’s Torit Boda Boda Association (TBBA) Management in collaboration with South Sudan National Bodaboda Association conducted registrations of all motorists to obtain the green number plates for easy identification within Torit town.

The TBBA president, Mr. Asega Simaya Kenyi explained to Gurtong that the main objective was to enable the affected to acquire the newly introduced number plates’ so to allow them operate as riders.

He said those who plan to boycott the exercise would not be treated as Boda Bodas or for commercial activities but will always be treated as private motorists.

The TBBA Management issued a notice informing all the Boda Boda riders in Torit that they should voluntarily register with Boda Boda Association and those who had earlier registered have automatically become legible to acquire these new printed green number plates.

The Association president clarified that the registration only targeted all Bodaboda within Torit capital but not outside saying those outside will be registered under different Boda Boda Association Management but all will be under the umbrella of the National Bodaboda Association’s Management.

In December 2012, during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the State Transport and Roads Minister in the Government of Eastern Equatoria, Charles Lokonoi Ambrose cautioned road users to drive safely and observe traffic regulations.

The minister was advocating for road users to adopt the slogan ‘Protect the Peace, Share the Road’ and added in order to establish workable public policies for safety, observance of traffic rules, and public conformity with the law must remain priority for the state.

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