County Legislative Councillors Trained On Budgeting

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Held at New Nation Hotel in Torit Capital, the four-Day intensive training organized by Lafon/Lopa County Government was facilitated by Reconcile International in conjunction with Norwegian People’s Aid.

The County Legislators who come from two Corridors, Lafon and Imehejek expressed diverse optimisms seeing opportunities to build on a solid foundation of their county to realize development.

The County Legislators who were basically trained on budgeting and planning affirmed they will continue with their development partners to invest in developing the county.

Addressing the Councilors at the closing, the County Legislative Councils Chairperson for Imehejek Corridor, Hon. Tito Abaha Oturo urged members to unite and prioritise service delivery to the people of the entire Lafon/Lopa County irrespective of their ethnic, social, political and economic backgrounds.

He noted that the County has suffered enough due to political differences resulting into insufficiency of services to the community in general.

The leader expressed that he had been extremely contented witnessing both sides of Legislators from two corridors in Torit and during the concluded training, sharing issues of concern positively saying there is hope of change to take its course.

Abaha appealed to the state government to support the Councillors so to further improve in delivering essential service to the Community.

In the meantime, Imehejek Acting Executive Director Titot Abbas Lomuro who equally appreciated the support from Reconcile International for the four-day training which he commended it as a flourishing initiative geared toward supporting capacity for service deliverance and better performance.

He noted that this was the first time two sides of the Legislators came together in one voice airing their concerns jointly.

Abbas appealed to the trainees to work hard and cooperate to realize development of the County.

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