County Secretaries Start Managerial Training

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The three-day intensive in Torit drew eight county secretaries together with key managers drawn from the RRC office in Eastern Equatoria State.

The state Director for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Fr. Mark Lotang Thomas revealed during the official opening of the training that the training is funded by Japanese government but implemented by UNICEF.

He said they have chosen the County Secretaries because they are the immediate ambassadors at those levels to response to any emergencies regarding disasters occurrence.

Lotang examined that the selected beneficiaries’ while on the ground, furthermore, are coordinating humanitarian affairs and especially partners to mitigate suffering and protecting lives of individuals and communities in the state.

Speaking while opening the key training seminar, the state Minister of Agriculture, Cooperative and Rural development, Mark Akio Ukinbul, noted lots of skills of South Sudanese were lost during the long civil wars.

He urged the beneficiaries to remain keen and humble themselves well in order to benefit or gain skills and knowledge from the continuing training.

The Minister further urged the participants to be ambitious and to remain hungry to know and learn new things; new skills and knowledge for efficient and effective performances at their own territories.

He told them to be contended for whatever they have learnt but they must apply new knowledge and skills practically.

Akio underscored the importance of South Sudanese populace to possess sense of ownership in managing their own affairs in relation to emergency preparedness and response course, saying they should utilize all potentiality.

He said involving grassroots in regarding collective response during emergency is crucial but maintains his belief that the beneficiaries must practise what they will gain from the ongoing course.

The training will cover all the 10 states of the Republic of South Sudan with participants being drawn from all RRC Counties, state Headquarters plus two line Ministries of Agriculture, and Housing and Public Utilities.

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