U.S. $ 1.4 Million Bridge Construction Begins

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The state Roads and Transport Ministry’s Director General (DG), Engineer Norman Charles Gideon told Gurtong that they allocated US $1.4 million to accomplish the construction of the bridge as part of the South Sudan Recovery Funds (SSRF) US $ 4,000,000 donated to the state government.

The funds will enable construction of key economic and security roads in Eastern Equatoria State such as Lobira running through Ramula, Otome, Kikilai, Lorema, Lotukei upto Kanangorok.

He disclosed that the construction is expected to complete by December.

The site Manager for Jiang Xi Youse Limited, Mr. Tang Liang Qing told Gurtong the work first delayed because the Company was putting all necessary arrangements in place.

He appealed to the two communities of Otome of Ikwoto County and that of Kikilai of Budi County to cooperate by ensuring provision of necessary support including security for the company’s employees and management so to realize project effectiveness.

Out of the initial US $ 6 million, US $ 2 million was channelled by the state government to complete construction of four county headquarters.

Involved in the ongoing constructions are; Macdowell Construction Limited and a Chinese Jiang Xi Youse Construction Limited.

He clarified that the two construction companies divided the ongoing road task saying while the Macdowell Construction Limited undertakes the Lobira-Ramula-Otome 90 kilomtere road, the Jiang Xi Youse Construction Limited undertakes the constructions beginning right at the Otome-Kikilai-Lorema-Lotukei-Kanangorok 60 kilometre road.

The Lobira-Ramula-Otome-Kikilai-Lorema-Lotukei-Kanangorok 150 Kilometre road has taken nearly two years after it began in October 2011.

He director revealed that though the SSRF channels the funds through UNDP then finally to UNOPS, the state government through the Roads and Transport Ministry with the UNOPS are custodians to the ongoing road works.

South Sudan has prioritized construction of several economic and security roads and bridges in the country as most of benefits of these projects are significant notably easy facilitation of transport and timely arrival to destinations counting safety and enhanced traffic movement.

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