Central Equatoria To Reduce Its Executive

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Juma David Augustine, the commissioner of Yei River County said during a press conference in Yei River County after returning from a meeting called by the Central Equatoria State Governor in Juba.

The meeting was attended by all the six Central Equatoria State County commissioners and the City Mayor of Juba City Council.

During the meeting, the central Equatoria State Governor who is the State SPLM party Chairperson, Major General Clement Wani Konga officially disclosed to the State officials that, he is going to reshuffle and reduce the size of his cabinet consultatively.

The reshuffle of the State Executive was one of the action points taken during the consultative meeting between the President of the Republic and the States’ Governors in Juba.

The Central Equatoria State Executive is said to be too big, as the state and the country struggle under the austerity measure’s burden.

All the Six Counties commissioners of Central Equatoria State welcomed the move by the Central Equatoria State Governor to restructure his Cabinet.

The meeting was also to enable the officials to participate in the findings of the Sudan People Liberation Movement outreach done by the SPLM cadres, who were sent to all the counties of the State to interact and find out the perceptions of the Citizens towards the SPLM political party, the concerns of the people towards service delivery and what possible recommendations the SPLM would make to address the concerns raised by the citizens.

Juma said the findings give the SPLM party an indication that, a lot of works need to be done in terms of services delivery, as the citizens had high expectations in the SPLM political party, and in the same way, the SPLM need to stands up fully on its responsibility to services delivery in the country.

He added the SPLM as a political party was also put to task to develop programs and give to the Executive to implement, adding it has been seen for long most of the programs being implemented by the Executives throughout the county, may not necessarily reflect the interests of the part, because the SPLM political party does not have ready programs at hand that response to SPLM political agenda.

The findings also established poor correlation between the SPLM main stream, Youth and Women leagues in the Country, each body works parallel to the other, which calls for a complete teaching of the party doctrines to the party members in the country.

The meeting established a gap in the SPLM party not investing in building its cadres in the country which is seen as a big problem in the future political development of the party.

Poor funding of the party activities and structures have also been identified as sources of weakness and state of inactive in the SPLM party office from the county to the lower level.

This has resulted into some of the party members deserting the party’s activities and concentrating in their personal duties which derail party activities in the country.

The members of the Executives have agreed to contribute 10% of their monthly salaries to the SPLM political party account, to be trickled down to the Boma to strengthen the financial backbone of the mother party.

The meeting also proposed on the policy of decentralization of the SPLM party activities from the National up to the Boma level, where proposal was tabled that all the sitting county commissioners will be the SPLM chairpersons in the county, to re-strengthens the party activities in the counties.

According to the findings, the citizens recommended all public positions to be allocated on competence but not on tribal basis, the citizens said as long as you begin putting people on Government positions based on regional representation this will continue to promote social injustice.

The citizens also urged the Government to protect the indigenous traders, as most business is controlled by the foreigner traders who are well off in terms of capital.

In related development the central Equatoria State Government has also pledged to secure loan to pump in the standstill Yei-Lasu Road Rehabilitation project and the construction of Kinji secondary school in Yei County.

The State has also secure road construction equipments and Yei-Lasu road stands a high chance of being the first beneficiary of the current development.

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