Government Refutes Claims Against SPLM State Leadership

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Acting State Government Spokesperson and Minister for the state Information and Telecommunication, Hon. Clement Laku Chichim announced that a group from the state wanted to go and congratulate one of their sons; Lt. Gen. Obuto Mamur Mete for his recent appointment a Minister of National Security in the national government, but Mute took a chance to defame the state party and government as well saying the SPLM Party is dead and the government is equally failing as it intimidates its citizens.

The false allegations by the group led by the individual, according to the Minister, were seen televised on the South Sudan Television (SSTV) on 19 August 2013, proclaiming that the party was dead in the state.

The minister said that the party had successes achieved in taking towns to the people at the grassroots in areas of governance, peace and security, services delivery, improved infrastructure, capacity building, responsive policies to the people’s needs and political leadership. 

The statements further read, the SPLM in the state condemns in the strongest terms the statements because it is irresponsible, malicious, cheap and a mere political propaganda against the party practised by Mute who is currently on the list of trials in the court of law for corruption charges filed against him for dubious and fake state contracts earlier awarded to him by the previous state government.

“Mr. Mute must not be allowed to defame the SPLM Party and to confuse the South Sudanese as he has been misleading people,” it said.

Therefore the statement reiterates that the SPLM party in EES is strong, viable, respected and enjoys the popularity with its people and there is no reason for any citizen of EES and South Sudan at large to doubt and the existence of the SPLM party in the state. 

Prior to this, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)-Women League in Eastern Equatoria State announced that the party is strong in the region refuting claims that the party popularity had decline.

The Women League Secretary, Hellen Siyama Pasquale, has impatiently reacted on proclamation against the Party in the state that the party, SPLM, is dead.

After their meeting held on Thursday afternoon at the State SPLM Secretariat head offices in Torit, the group refuted the claims as the members united in protection of their party at the state level saying such an individual who led a group to make the false statements in Juba.

The group strongly condemned the public statement made over the South Sudan Television saying the accuser is just a hopeless person who drives other innocent people only to go and utter hatred words against the party leadership at the state level.

The Women League Siyama on behalf of her group said the individual is not even an SPLM member but a frustrated guy who is even wanted to settle a huge amount of money belonging to the public and he is supposed to be among the 75 corrupt South Sudanese officials.

According to her, the accuser claimed over the SSTV that SPLM is not popular and the government is intimidating its citizens to weaken the Party.

The Women League Member, Hon. Nassike Allan Lochul who is currently MP representing the people of Kappoeta North at State Legislative Assembly under SPLM ticket through Women List, strongly said the group with strongest terms possible, condemns the act by the frustrating group saying her Party is very strong and supported by its members.

“We in the SPLM and as the Party’s Women League stand strong and we have many competitions from different parties and all these we have challenged them. Our Party is giant and is alive,” Nasike expressed while addressing the press in Torit yesterday.

One of the Members who equally spoke, Hon. Agnes Lox Mebo angrily uttered: “I would like to refute the false talks on SSTV on Thursday 21. Since SPLM started in the then Sudan, we were members as SPLM not only today. We voted for our president; Kiir as SPLM party, we voted for our governor Lobong as Party strong hold. We will continue to prove we are strong supporters of the Party; SPLM. We will continue to be SPLM as women and we as women or mothers will continue to give birth to SPLM. Our coming generations will expand as SPLM.” 

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