Kiir Appoints MPs, Commissioner

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

According to the State Radio Juba, the first decree relieved Hon. Joseph Monytuil now the Caretaker Governor of Unity State of his membership in the National Legislative Assembly.

The second and third decrees named Nyon Nyagwan and Festo Lemi as members to the National legislative assembly.

Festo Lemi was appointed to replace the late Samson Kwaje, then Minister of Agriculture who passed away two years ago.

In the forth decree, the President appointed Lucia Atilio Juma a member in the Council of States replacing the late Gismala Abdala.

In the fifth decree the President named John A’gole a member of the South Sudan War Disable, Widows and Orphan Commission.

All the five decrees were effective from Saturday 12 October 2013.

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