JICA, Government Launch $48million Water Plant

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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This is an initiative that will supply about 60% of Juba’s population with clean water.

The plant, according to JICA would supply water to 355,000 people in addition to the current 34,000 people only supplied with clean water in the national Capital, Juba.

The launch witnessed by the country’s Vice President Hon. James Wani Igga indicates an important development step that will liberate the capital from the burden of inadequate access to clean water.

The project includes 60kilometers new water delivery pipelines, one service reservoir, eight water filling stations and 120 public water tapes to supply safe water in most parts of the city.

Atsushi Hanatani, JICA’s representative said: “When the project is completed, 389,000 persons will have access to safe water compared to only 34,000 people who currently receive irregular safe water supplies.”

“Eventually 18,000 cubic meters of safe water will reach Juba’s rapidly growing population compared to the current 7,200 cubic meters.”

The project will take JICA and the government two years to complete its construction, Atsushi said.

South Sudanese Minister of Dams, Electricity, Irrigation and Water Resources, Jemma Nunu Kumba said that, the water plant which will have eight distribution points in some of the populated residential areas like; Gudele, Munuki, and Kator will help improve life style of the poor people. 

“This project will contribute significantly to the reduction of water bone diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid; improve general hygiene as well as mitigation of the hardship faced by women and especially the girl child in facing water for families,” Nunu said. 

“The project will contribute to the financial improvement of the Water Cooperation. It is estimated that the project once completed will generate revenue of SSP 21million per year with adjusted time as opposed to the current water revenue of SSP 1.5million,” she explained.

Hon. James Wani Igga, the vice president hailed the Japanese government for the grant, saying it boosts diplomatic ties with the fledgling country.

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