Expired Beverages Confiscated In Aweil Town

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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While assembling the quantity of confiscated items at the local government’s premise, the committee identified that some of the beverages were poisonous and harmful to be used with local juice-beverage instead of being by the advanced manufacturing factories that are advanced in mixtures sort of recommended level from the factory.

“Our inspection team managed to seize these numbers of juicy items from traders who have local beverage sale-shop within Aweil town market, among the ingredients confiscated were Kamena [a liquid mixture essence] used for juices, oranges, Strawberry, Lemon, guava, apple beverages all in powder form,” John Majok Deng, Senior Health Inspector at Aweil Municipal Locality told journalists during the showcasing of the confiscated items in Aweil town.

Nzip Mohamed Ahmed, one of the owners, rebutted the claims that his properties were poisonous saying the stuff useful enough to be used as the ingredients for diluting the juicy drinks in their cocktail tonic.

“These food stuffs are not expired nor they are harmful for consumption but it is because some of us here are not technical to understand the process for the usage. How can one be doing these to the customers whom you opened a business for?” Mohammed refuted the allegations.

Another owner of the confiscated goods, Mr Fiola Kwamer says that he is convinced that his properties are out of date and that he pleads for the forgiveness for having not reported the expiry of those consumable goods, promising that he will not repeat that mistake when such things happen in the nearest future.

In conclusive remarks, the deputy town mayor of Aweil municipality, Hon. Simon Tong Deng warns the businessmen of selling counterfeit goods to the citizens. He also urged the citizens to be more watchful than ever when buying goods in the markets.

“I hereby seriously warn the traders or businessmen who instead sell the counterfeit goods just to make money without caring for the lives of our citizens, this has happened many times but today is going to be a good example to those we have apprehended with these expired goods, we are going to give heavy fines in order learn from their mistakes and later pass on a message to their colleagues whom we have not caught yet,” Tong told journalists in Aweil.

According to Tong, those apprehended traders with expired goods were said to be charged fines of not less than 300 SSP and those that usually come to report the expiry of their goods are always set free to go as they come on their voluntarily will.

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