Upper Nile Civil Servants To Get Allowances Next Year

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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In her assessment visit to Malakal for the first time since assuming the new ministry, Jemma Nunu Kumba encountered complaints from the state officials calling for reinstatement of the cut allowances and promotion of the officials who have worked for long in the ministry without upgrading.

Kumba recognized the hardships the government employees faced during the one and half years of economic crisis and revealed that the national government plans to reinstate all the allowances next year.

“We know the conditions that our employees have faced due to austerity measures budget that we went through for over one and half years. That was sacrifice. That was nationalism,” she said.

“If people of a country get a problem, they find their own ways of facing the challenge. Indeed, that was what you did and you deserve to be appreciated.

“The national government appreciates you our workers, because you did not run away from the work places and look for green pastures elsewhere. You remain faithful and work for little money to deliver limited services to our population.”

Kumba said that the austerity measure that was declared after South Sudan closed its oil wells is still not lifted until January 2014.

“Our Finance Ministry says that the austerity measures budget will run until January. Be hopeful that after January the cut allowances will be returned in order to improve your lives once again. Everybody will be happy,” said Nunu.

On staff promotion, Kumba said she will file a report to the National Ministry of Labour and Public Services to address the issues of upgrading.

According to the Minister, now that the oil is flowing to the international market, they (government of South Sudan) should begin to do something for the local population.

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