Prices Increased As Goods’ Get Scarce

A trader stocking goods in Torit Market. Goods especially beverages have been scarce leading to an increase in prices. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

Expressing serious concerns over the rising cost of living in the state, the people of the state have cautioned their leaders with the business community not being exceptional to speedily address the matter before it gets out of control.

Thought efforts have still been proven tough for the leaders to address the issue now, most of the residents have blamed the increase on the ongoing crisis in the country thus threatening suppliers to further bring in commodities.

Currently in the Market of the state especially that of the Torit, prices of different beverages notably of beer, water and soda have now gone up from their previous status as their scarcities have been threatened to knock the entire region.

In different depots which have been reliable for the supplies, price of one crate of beer; Tusker Lager has risen from 100 SSP to now 150 SSP while price of one box of water is now 28 SSP from the previously 25 SSP.

Each crate of Smirnoff, small Guinness and Tusker Mall respective has risen from 105 SSP to the currently 130 SSP, traders have told Gurtong today in Omoliha Market in Torit Capital.

Already, Soda has run out of stock with the Eastern Equatoria entire region running short of scratch cards for various companies, affecting business transactions.

The move comes after violence erupted in Juba a fortnight ago and later spread to Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states respectively.

Officials in Eastern Equatoria state have noted that the recent strife forced parts of the country to face shortages of scratch cards of various companies including Zain, MTN, Vivacell and Gemtel due to the hindrances of supplies caused by the violence in the country.

The whole week went without sales of scratch cards which noticeably began to run out and respective prices being sharply increased despite Eastern Equatoria state having remained calm.

The state residents have expressed disappointments as they ask the government to improve the security situation and normalize supplies from Juba to states.

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