Jonglei State Government Urges Citizens To Return As SPLA Is Providing Security

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, John Koang Nyuon, the caretaker governor of Jonglei state said that they have toured the town and seen a lot of destruction where houses had been burnt down, government offices and its equipments have been destroyed after government forces recaptured the rebel stronghold town on Saturday.

Nyuon in his speech said shops were destroyed, all banks have been looted and a lot of destruction had been made in town but now after recapture of Bor the situation has started normalizing in which government needs all citizens who fled to western banks of Nile to immediately return back home.

“I urge the community to go back to their home villages, but in the current destruction they may not get anything. We appeal for humanitarian agencies to provide relief food and non-food items so that returnees may settle in their home effectively,” Nyuon said.

He said that citizens may not come back if state government is not established in town, adding that they will feel more secure if SPLA pursue rebel forces.

The caretaker Governor Nyuon said that it is a last chance for rebel forces to attack Bor, the state capital of Jonglei.

The Director for state South Sudan and Relief Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) who witnessed massive destruction created by rebel group said innocent civilians unable to run for safety were killed.

UNOCHA reports that over half a million people have fled their homes, including 494,000 people displaced inside South Sudan and 86,100 in neighbouring countries.

The report confirmed that, some 67,400 people are sheltered in UN bases.

In Juba, up to 80 per cent of displaced people in the UN bases are women and children.

Aid agencies have so far assisted over 212,000 people, with new response activities set to begin in Lankien, Jonglei State and Nimule, Eastern Equatoria State.

Though over half of the 200,000 children targeted for vaccination against measles have been reached since 15 December, the disease remains a major health risk in Bor, Juba, and Malakal.

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