Chollo Community In Diaspora Decries Ethnic Cleansing Of Its Members

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A strongly worded press release signed by 57 members, called on the international community and the government of South Sudan to bring the perpetrators of the evil acts to book.

“The tragic bloody events that engulfed South Sudan have destroyed lives and properties and caused massive displacements of civilian population, mainly in the states of Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity,” partly reads the press release.

The community said that most of the severe fighting in the state occured within areas inhabited by the Shilluks, adding that the local population has experienced total destructions and loss of lives.

“As the war turned more tribal between the Nuers and the Dinkas, it was ironic that nowhere has the suffering been more severe and deadly than among the Chollo people. Towns were devastated and some razed to the ground,” the angry members said.

According to them, “many people were killed in cold-blood in ethnic targeting and their villages were torched by the marauding rebels. “In a nutshell, Chollo Kingdom is undergoing ethnic cleansing.”

They blamed the government for not providing the required protection and of reluctance to help the citizens to defend themselves. “They are caught in a situation they were not party to. Practically, they are left on their own,” the members said.

“We the Chollo Community in Diaspora (U.S.A, Europe, Canada and Australia) condemn in the strongest terms possible these heinous crimes committed against unarmed civilians in Malakal and Chollo villages.”

Recent reports have shown that unbelievable atrocities have been committed in Malakal after the town fell to the rebels.

The group quoted Col. Jan Hoff, an officer in Norway’s army who has served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as saying: “House after house has been burned to the ground. Hospital patients have been shot by armed rebels while lying in their beds. Dozens of corpses litter the streets. This is about revenge now. There is no humanity here.”

“It’s absolutely horrific,” Hoff said as he led a heavily armed U.N.convoy through the streets of Malakal, the capital of oil-producing Upper Nile state.’ The document urged the United Nations to deliver humanitarian relief assistance to the people in Malakal and Chollo villages who are in dire need of the relief.

The concerned Chollo community members urged the United Nations Security Council to take urgent action to bring peace and security to South Sudan before the Juba government and the rebels turn the country into a genocide killing field.

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