WES Government Defends Governor Over Logging Feud

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Timber dealers Charles Dot, Chol Majok and Peter Mading in November last year and February this year through the media allegedly accused Bakasoro of threatening and locking them up over teak-logs. 

WES Ministers of Information and Agriculture Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga and West YugguleKayuku respectively in a joint Fridaypress conference in Juba however rubbished the threat calms. Hon. Kisanga said the accusation is false and the company of Mr. Dot known as Dot Company is also not registered with the state government authorities.

The National Ministry of Agriculture according to Kisanga wrote some letters for Dot and his colleagues to go to WES Agriculture and Forestry Ministry to be granted approval to fell teak trees and transport the logs to Uganda but they went straight into Embe plantation.  “They went straight into the planation without due considerations for the state,” said Kisanga.

“When they were discovered, the government of WES took action to stop the devastation and logging. It was not the governor as an individual but the WES government including our state Legislative Assembly via the state laws they passed and the legal affairs of the state.

“There are agents of the law such as police who are responsible for protecting law and law breakers will be arrested by them and not by the Governor,” Kisanga defended his governor.

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