Warrap Inter-Communal Clash Leaves 21 People Dead

The inter-communal clash occurred on Saturday when the Kongor youth from the cattle camp attacked their counterparts in Thiik.  Madhieu Thiep Madhieu, a university student now in Tonj East County on vacation said the two communities engaged themselves in negative wars causing high panic among the vulnerable citizens in the areas.

“In Tonj East County, a new inter-communal fight has again erupted and the locals from either side are leaving for fear of further escalation of the recent clashes that occured on March 22,” Thiep said.

“Clashes have already taken scores of lives. Twenty one people from both sides are believed to have perished and 27 others living with gunshot wounds.” Tonj East communities are broken apart by inter-communal clashes that had in February seen Luac-koth community fighting with Akok Tek community.

According to Thiep, the recent conflict between Kongor and Thiik was ignited by a dispute that ensued from a traditional dancing ground. Last week, Tonj East County leaders raised the issue to Warrap politicians and traditional leaders to find solution to the ongoing conflict.

“As we sit here today, I would like to formally notify you about an issue which is paining, irritating me and destroying our local population in Ananatak district,” Hon. Ngeng Bol Malek said while addressing a community gathering in Juba.

“Our innocent communities are killing themselves for unknown reasons and nobody seems to care about it.” Bol decried the deteriorating insecurity in the area urging the leaders to find quick solution to quell he situation and safe people’s lives.

“While we know that there is a greater political crisis at the national level, our people in Ananatak are killing each other. They are torn up, killing small children, elderly people and pregnant women. Such wars have never been fought before,” Bol lamented.

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