South Sudan’s President Kiir Postpones Elections

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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 Kiir reveled this to the crowd, especially his supporters upon his arrival from Addis Ababa at Juba International Airport on Sunday. 

“Elections will not be held in 2015,” Kiir said. “So it has to be pushed for two years or three years until this government is stable. If it is not 2017 it will be 2018 for the elections to be held,” said the President. 

South Sudan is slated to hold its first national democratic elections in 2015 according to the Transitional Constitution 2011. 

But Kiir cited political reasons as key factors, saying the environment cannot allow the conduct of the polls. 

He cited the delay in holding the country’s census and the political stability as key factors. Informers had said the elections could not be held in an event that the census is not carried out. 

Kiir returned from Addis Ababa on Sunday after meeting rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar in an effort to politically settle a five month conflict that has held the country hostage now. 

Observers commended that, the postponement is however, a political move. 

South Sudan gained independence on July 2011. Kiir became the first President of the country with his term to end in 2015. 

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