UN Peacekeepers Start Bor-Juba Road Reconstruction

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The UNMISS state coordinator, Ms Helde, says that UNMISS engineers should never be underestimated, adding that infrastructural development contributes to attainment of peace in the country.

She explained that roads are physical connections between states and do enable the diverse people of this country to meet and learn from each other and grow as one people in a united country. She stressed that themore good roads connecting the cities through the country the less conflict we will have in south Sudan.

“This road is the means by which products are carried between markets. It is the route through which messages and messengers travel quickly between towns. It is roads which take love ones to do business in distant towns and bring them back soon enough to their homes and families. With bad or no roads, there is less and less real communication among citizens. Prices in the market get higher and higher as goods take longer to travel; and people get poorer as a result,’’ Ms Helde said

The state minister for physical infrastructure, John Amuor Kuol, said citizens of Jonglei State are impressed by the initiative and privileges from the people of the Republic of Korea for the reconstruction of the 124 KM road.

The acting governor of Jonglei State, Baba Medan Konyi, congratulated the Koreans for the tremendous work they have done and are doing, saying that the road initiative was originally proposed by the former Governor of Jonglei State, Kuol Manyang Juuk, who is now Minister of Defence in the national government.

Currently, travellers to Juba have to go by air at the minimum cost of 420 South Sudanese (over $100), which is very expensive for most people in the state.

Medan has vowed to build strong relationship with the Korean contingent as they deliver services to the people of Jonglei State. Travellers, he said, will seize this opportunity to travel for only 3 hours over 124 Km distance, which currently takes 10 hours to travel.

The state government also pledged to protect workers as they carry out this noble activity of rehabilitating the 124 Km road, starting from Bor to Mangalla, a border station between Jonglei State and Central Equatoria State. Meanwhile, another Korean contingency has started road construction from Juba northward to Mangalla.

Two weeks ago, the Korean contingency handed over a 19Km dyke along the White Nile (protecting Bor town from seasonal floods) to the government of Jonglei State.

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