Warrap Youth Urged To Respect Leadership

The State Youth chairman Peter Mayen Wen Majongdit criticised the youth for engaging in needless politics, saying they form a major component of the South Sudanese political landscape.

“As the youth we must uphold the current constitutional and democratic terrain South Sudan. It is very unfortunate for some of us to advocate for rebellion against the sitting government”, said Majongdit in reaction to calls on the youth to form a rebellion against the government.

He termed the calls “baseless and selfish and lacking objectives and vision”.

“We have to be reasonable people and who have the interest of South Sudan at heart, bearing the current situation. The youth need to support democratically and constitutionally elected leadership instead of being swayed by political waves”, he said.

The youth leader censured the rebels fighting government forces, saying they were only out to grab power from the leadership that they themselves voted for in 2010.

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