President Obama’s Appeal To South Sudanese Leaders

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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United States President Barack Obama has urged South Sudanese leaders to pursue lasting peace.

President Obama has also encouraged the country’s citizens to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation among themselves in a bid to build a new South Sudan.

In a press dispatch issued on Friday, 12 December, from the White House, the president asserted: “Today, I appeal to the leaders of South Sudan to pursue peace as a way to honour those who have died. It is in your hands to end the cycle of violence, to set forth on a course of reform and reconciliation, and to hold to account those responsible for atrocities. Leadership that recalls the promise of South Sudan is what the country now needs to end this senseless conflict.”

“To the people of South Sudan who have suffered for far too long, I urge you to renew the spirit of hope, unity, and fortitude that enabled you almost four years ago to come together and vote for a brighter future”, read the statement.

“For the sake of future generations, I urge you to seek peaceful reconciliation rather than violent retribution. The United States will remain a friend to those who seek peace and progress and will stand with the people of South Sudan.”

President Obama said the magnitude of the South Sudan crisis has been felt in both the devastation thatviolence has left in towns and villages and the scars—visible and invisible—on the South Sudanese people.

In related news, the United States Embassy in the Republic of South Sudan has urged South Sudanese to lay down weapons and embrace peace during the Christmas festivities.

The Embassy’s Charge d’ Affairs Charles Twining said in a statement that this December marks one year since conflict engulfed South Sudan.

“Many people have fled their homes, lost loved ones, and seen their economic livelihoods destroyed.  Peace evades the best efforts of many hoping for South Sudan to realise its truest potential.  But I know that you are a resilient, brave people who long for calm and that you will use this strength to unite the country and move it forward”, he said.

“During these challenging times, I encourage you to reflect upon your long struggle for self-determination, to honour all of the fallen who sacrificed by remaining true to the founding creed of your nation: “JUSTICE, LIBERTY, and PROSPERITY.”

He urged South Sudanese to use the holiday season to redouble their efforts towards peace, adding that it is only through justice that  the people of South Sudan “will be able to live freely, reconcile with one another, end the long cycle of impunity, and be able to prosper.”

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