Jonglei Government Condemns Killing Of Ugandan Traders In Bor

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The traders, two men and one woman were killed during a random shoot out in the market last week on Wednesday. Another Sudanese and a Uganda were also injured during the same incident.

Jody Jonglei  Boyoris, Minister of Information and Communications spoke to the press on Saturday.

 “We in the state government condemn this criminal act with the strongest term possible,” 

In a statement he read on behalf of the Caretaker Governor, John Kong Nyuon, he said the incident that resulted to death of the three traders was an isolated case committed by a person with mental problems.

“We assure the public that this is an isolated incident in which a mentally impaired citizen from our state opened random fire leading to the death of three people while injuring two others a Ugandan and a South Sudanese,” 

Jody assured the citizens in Jonglei state of maximum security and called upon the citizens to live peacefully.

“Let me assure all residents of this magnificent state of Jonglei (citizens and aliens alike) that your government is working around the clock to ensure maximum security to all people residing in Bor and beyond.”

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