Bor County Officials Ask For Return Of Stolen Cattle

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Commissioner Ruuk confirmed that last month some seventeen heads of cattle were raided from former Gurmuruk County and taken to Bor.

However, after reports were made to the greater Pibor administrative area, the county authorities and the police were on the lookout for any arrivals of cattle that did not belong to Bor county.

The move turned out to be successful when the 17 heads of cattle were recovered by the police as the raiders escaped arrest.

‘’Two of the raiders arrived in Anyidi payam of Bor County and with the help of police together with SPLA force they were intercepted, however they escaped and left behind the 17 cattle’’.  Commissioner Ruuk explained.

Four weeks ago, some suspected Murle raided a number of cattle from the northern parts of Bor County. The culprits are still at large.

Meanwhile, a member of Parliament representing Anyidi Payam, Philip Thon Nyok said if stolen cattle are returned then the two communities will live peacefully.

Speaking to Gurtong on Tuesday Philip Thon said the recovered 17 heads of cattle are now with the police until an instruction comes from the greater Pibor administrative area for the cows to be taken back.

In 2012, Jonglei state Government returned more than 400 heads of cattle that were stolen.

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