South Sudan Independence Not Threat To Khartoum: Official

The Government of Southern Sudan President’s Legal Advisor Telar Ring Deng has downplayed reports that the independence of South Sudan poses a threat to the Arab North.

Speaking to Gurtong in an exclusive interview Deng said by gaining its independence South Sudan would play an instrumental role in looking for a solution into the Darfur conflict.

“An independent South Sudan should not and must not be viewed by Northern Sudan and beyond as a threat, but instead an independent South would work and assist the Northern Sudan in solving Darfur conflict peacefully. Since a separation vote would create a new nation, by necessity it would like peaceful and stable neighbours including North Sudan”, he said.

Deng added that it was unfortunate that people in Khartoum have assumed a negative perception that if South Sudan gets independence it will be a threat to its Northern neighbour.

“An independent of South Sudan will permit peace in Darfur as well other marginalised areas in the Sudan. That will be the start of peace within Sudan”, he said.

Deng called upon the 300,444 registered voters in Lakes State to turn up for the January 9, 2011 vote.

He added that more efforts will be exerted by the leadership as well as the civil society and the youth to educate South Sudanese as the day approaches.


  1. [quote name=”Sam”]HOW !! will an independent South Sudan permit peace in Darfur as well other marginalised areas in the Sudan[/quote]

    Dude you can do better than that, check your spelling before posting dude !!!

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