Peaceful Voting Underway In Yambio, Sudan

Voting in all the Yambio county polling stations started on the first day on time with voters turning up as early as 5 O’clock, hours before the referendum officials.

At the Duduma polling station at the Yambio County headquarters’ premises, the first voter, only identified as Manywok said he had wanted to be the first to vote for the independence of South Sudan and hence had to arrive earlier than the rest.

“I had it in plan that I should be the first civilian after the Governor and other politicians to cast my vote fo separation … so as to gain independence from the Arabs”, Manywok said.

Unlike the commotion that was seen during the general elections, the referendum voting was calm, organised and proceeding smoothly.

The Duduma centre was a beehive of activity with the presence of key state leaders Governor Joseph Bakosoro, State SPLM Chairperson Jemma Nunu Kumba, Yambio County Commissioner, Angelo Bakote and senior security chiefs arrived to cast their votes at the centre.

Governor Bakosoro called for peaceful voting and urged state residents to stay calm during the voting period.

The suburbs of Yambio town around Bodo, Bazumburu, James Diko and Riimenze were however, in a tense mood following attacks by the LRA where two people were killed.

Reports indicate that a LRA soldier who was captured during the attack said he had been sent to disrupt the voting process.

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