90 People killed And 144 Wounded In Tonj East Land Dispute In Warrap State

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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90 people have been killed and 144 wounded in Tonj East land dispute clashes in Warrap State between two rival communities of Luac-Jang and Thiik.


The Governor of Warrap State, Akec Tong Aleu Kuot. [Gurtong File]

By Gabriel Mayom

The Governor of Warrap State, Akec Tong Aleu Kuot, confirmed that 90 people from both sides are dead and 144 people sustained gunshot wounds and are undertaking medical treatment in Marial-lou and Romich.

The State government has deployed joint security forces in Tonj East County to quell down the inter-communal clashes that erupted four days ago over the land dispute of Lol-lith.

The Governor confirmed that the fighting was triggered because Lol-lith is being claimed by both sides of Luac-jang and Thiik community as their land.

“At the moment we have come with a very huge force and we are here to separate this two sections that are fighting, Luac-Jang and Thiik. The dispute on this land is that they both claim that the land belongs to them. This is where the dispute started. At the moment the situation is calm and we call all Chiefs so that we talk to them not to attempt to fight again. There are a lot of causalities; we have almost 90 people now dead both sides and then we have 144 wounded.”

Governor Akec said that he will not return to Kuacjok till the security situation improves.

Three days ago, the Governor’s Driver was killed in an ambush near Romich the County headquarters of Tonj East by suspected arms youth of Thiik. The Deputy Director for State Protocol also sustained a gunshot wound in the same ambush on Sunday. 

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