Hazare claims government digging for information about him

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Mumbai: Anna Hazare alleged on Tuesday that, the government is trying to dig out all the information about Hazare. That’s why, the government is sending people to his village & in army also where he had worked for a long time. “They have sent people to check my records in the Army. They want to see if they can find something during my service years. I have no done anything wrong throughout my life,: Hazare who served as a jawan in the Army for the long 15 years, told to the reporters in the Mumbai Press Club.

He also alleged that, “They have put people after me. They have sent people to my village to check my organization. I have no bank balance, so what will you find. I live in a temple of eight feet & ten feet room. I just have a plate & a bed to sleep. What will you find?” Hazare is living in Ralegan Sidhi Village in Ahmednagar district.

“Government’s intentions are not at all good, that’s the reason why they are after me & want to prove me wrong in front of the nation. This is the reason why they are trying to defame the civil society spearheading the anti-graft campaign. I haven’t allowed a single splotch on my character in my entire life,” Hazare roused his voice by saying this.

The 74-years old Gandhian leader, Anna Hazare declared that, he is very much confident on his decision of starting with the indefinite fast from August 16 onwards for a strong Lokpal bill against the corruption & anarchy in the nation. He also added that, “The Mumbai residents also come forward & they should support confrontation against corruption & dishonesty. Criticizing the government’s draft of the Lokpal Bill that was presented in the Lok Sabha was a sort of betrayal to the Indians.

“The government said that they would present the draft prepared by us as well as the draft prepared by the government. But they betrayed the people by presenting only their draft in the Lok Sabha,” Hazare complained. He also added that, the government should dismiss the new draft & should come up with another Lokpal Bill draft with new & fruitful amendments

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