Indian Army officials to Investigate Chopper in POK episode

The Indian Army will carry out a detailed investigation into the military chopper that strayed into Pakistan’s territory. The officials will probe the reasons which led to the chopper into the neighbors’ territory. The chopper had four people onboard.

The four people were forced to land by the Pakistani officials after straying into Pakistan and then they were arrested. However, after questioning them thoroughly Pakistan military released them and allowed them to head home safely.

Expressing relief over return of its officers and helicopter, an official release from the government said, “It really appreciates the neighboring nation.” 

“We are relieved that our officers and helicopter are back in India. We greatly appreciate the manner in which Pakistan worked with us in resolving the matter,” Ministry of External Affairs said in New Delhi. 

The Ministry of External Affairs earlier established contact with the Pakistani counterparts to guarantee the safe and early release of army officers.

The Cheetah helicopter, part of the Indian Army’s 666 Siachen Falcons squadron, was flying from Leh to Bhimbad when it strayed into PoK due to inclement weather. An Indian Army statement said the helicopter “inadvertently” crossed over into PoK in the Gultari sector, due to “inclement” weather. 

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