Chinese taxi hijacker accused of 3 traffic violations

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Chinese taxi-hijacker, already accused for causing damage in a robbery attempt, was charged with three more traffic crimes on Friday.

The 30 year old Yuan Zhenghua was charged on account of driving dangerously killing one man, driving without a license, and a valid insurance policy. After being accused of more criminal actions, the prosecution team requested the court to allow psychiatric examination of the criminal.

Zhenghua is charged of killing the cleaning supervisor with his dangerous driving at the Budget terminal of the airport. He is also accused of strangling and punching another taxi driver Yeow Chuwee Lam. Zhenghua claims that Lam hid his personal belongings which is why he attacked him. He drove badly to catch up with the other taxi driver and forced him out the car to inquire about his things. Upon not getting a response, he got violent and attacked Mr. Lam.

Zhenghua was charged of causing intentional hurt on Sunday and can face a punishment of imprisonment for 20 years followed by 12 strokes of cane. Upon violating traffic regulations, he can be charged with a fine of $1000, license suspension, or spending three months in jail. For reckless driving, he can face another 5 years of imprisonment with an additional $1000 fine for driving without a license.

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