Hazare stamps Lokpal bill useless

The social activist, Anna Hazare, once again rises to significance seeing the noncooperative attitude of the political parties to sit down and work towards the goal of corruption elimination. He called the steps taken by the government as useless and demanded that the government needs to something more than just trying.

He said, “Today there was an all-party meeting, but no decision was taken because of failure of parties to arrive at a consensus. Now we think, whether the government brings Lokpal or not, we will go to the people’s Parliament. The Lokpal Bill of the government is useless. It will not end corruption. There is no point in bringing such a law.”

He further said that its time that he takes the matter into his own hands and contribute towards eliminating corruption from the political system of India other than depending on the government to do so. Immediately he announced that he will go back to fasting from the 25th of March 2012 until the government takes some serious action.

He also said, “Among those who have been fighting against corruption, 25 of them have been murdered. Under Jan Lokpal we are saying that laws like the whistleblower law must be introduced but the government is not prepared to do it. To condemn this we will be protesting at Jantar Mantar on 25 March”.

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