Thailand warns tourists not to make pornographic videos

pornographic videos

This article was last updated on June 15, 2022

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Wang Nam Khiao District Chi Resorts Warns customers not to take pornographic videos

In the event that a porn clip is published online sent out to be shared, there are 3 clips, about 4 minutes in length, each clip indicates the message “Wang Nam Khiao Siew..” and in the clip, a man and woman are having sex in a resort room in the area. Wang Nam Khiao District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, after the aforementioned pornographic videos clip has been published many sectors in Wang Nam Khiao District even sitting on the chair.

On 15 June 2022 Mr. Suphot Saenmee, Wang Nam Khiao District, revealed that this matter, the district has coordinated to Wang Nam Khiao Police Station which the police Wang Nam Khiao Police Station In the process of searching for the person who took the clip to be prosecuted under the Computer Crime Act.

As for preventing such incidents from happening again the district has requested cooperation for the resort. or various accommodation sources in the area of ​​Wang Nam Khiao District Have informed the tourists not to have any action which will cause disgrace to tourist attractions In particular, filming a pornographic videos and then publishing it in the online world. which is considered an offense according to Clearly, the Computer Act.

Wang Nam Khieo District Chief also said that for Wang Nam Khiao District It is considered a beautiful natural tourism city. It is known to people all over the country. It is an area with the 7th best ozone in the world until it has been nicknamed. “Switzerland in the Northeast”, which each year will have tourists from all over the country. Come to travel and relax a lot.

The Wang Nam Khieo district focuses on promoting natural and agricultural tourism to help generate income for villagers in the community. Therefore, I do not want to have a bad image like this again. Now I ask the police Accelerate the follow-up of the offenders to the Wang Nam Khiao District Come and prosecute as soon as possible.

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