450000 Benefit From Pioneer Generation Package

The contributions of the first hardworking generation of Singaporeans started the Republic on a remarkable journey supporting it enough so it could stand on its feet. They taught the future generations of Singaporeans the values and transferred the high spirit that enabled Singapore to succeed, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Paying tribute to the contributions of this pioneer generation group yesterday, Mr Lee unveiled numerous details of the much anticipated Pioneer Generation Package. Mr Lee described it as a ‘sincere expression of our gratitude’.

Those who are 65 years of age and above, that is in other words, those born in 1949 or before and who became citizens of Singapore before 1987 can qualify for financial support for their healthcare needs using the package Mr Lee announced at the tribute party at the Istana. The party had more than 1,000 guests from the pioneer generation. This was the very first event of the SG50 campaign taking place this year to celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of independence until next year.

The benefits for these 450,000 people, who are the first generation living and working in post-independence Singapore, include having to pay less in premiums for MediShield Life and getting extra subsidies for outpatient treatment at polyclinics, specialist outpatient clinics and general practitioners under the Community Health Assist Scheme. They will also receive additional annual top-ups to their Medisave accounts.The specifics of these benefits will be announced during the Budget on Feb 21 and those eligible will be informed in due course. Calling it a special package for a special generation, Mr Lee said in a statement: ‘But no matter how we design the package, it can never fully reflect the contributions that our pioneers have made to our nation.’

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