Fareed Paracha & Jamat-e-Islami on Wikileaks & Maulana Fazlur Rehman

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The MMA’s boycott of the inaugural session of the National Security Council remains a sort of a ‘riddle inside an enigma’. How would the MMA be able to reconcile its support of the passage of the controversial (and basically undemocratic) Legal Framework Order (17th Amendment) with its boycott of the NSC – an integral part and off-shoot of the LFO? Regardless of polemics, the MMA marshalled its parliamentary vote for the LFO as an expedient pro-democracy measure, irrespective of the fact that the LFO tended to violate both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. How can a popularly elected parliament through a joint session at all allow an elected president to stay in his military uniform as army chief even for a short period of time? Ayub, Yahya and Zia all forged devices like LFOs and ‘Continuance in Force’ laws to legitimize their regimes by an extra-parliamentary executive fiat.

Lies of Farid Paracha (JI) & Dr.Khalid Mahmood Soomro (JUI-F) – Part – 1 (Express News)
Ayub Khan and Ziaul Haq had their parliaments indemnify their constitutional violations to close the chapter of their coups. Only Yahya ended with his boots around his neck as a vanquished general. Pliant and muted through Yahya’s disastrous reign, the superior judiciary came into action only after his fall to brand him a ‘usurper’. Never before, however, it fell to the sad lot of an elected parliament to vote for an army chief to combine in his person the brass and the bowler hat even as an expedient move. Political pragmatism is not the same as party or individual opportunism. While the pragmatist knows where to stop, the opportunist fails to resist the fatal attraction of yet another chance, yet another pasture new around the corner. The MMA’s supreme council must ask itself whether or not by supporting the passage of the LFO they did indeed commit a terminal error of judgement. And whether they did not sacrifice their reputedly principled party politics at the altar of expediency and opportunism.

Lies of Farid Paracha (JI) & Dr.Khalid Mahmood Soomro (JUI-F) – Part – 2 (Express News)
Worse still, they did so at the cost of the united front they had forged with such mainstream parties as the PPP and the Muslim League-N. A major compromise was made with Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s regime, now invoking the NSC as the main plank of its future governance. If such were to be the end of the military-mullah alliance, it should not be difficult to see who is the loser. The nexus has been a part of our history, either marginally as under Ayub Khan or covertly as under Yahya Khan or naked and deeply written into the system as under Ziaul Haq. Ayub’s secularism as part of the military culture of British Indian Army was like an open book without any fine print. Even the prefix Islamic attaching to the Republic of Pakistan was dropped until restored under the writ of superior judiciary. That continued to be the case until the fateful day of 1965 when India attacked Pakistan along the international border, with Lahore as its principal target. Even in his first address to the nation within hours of the Indian invasion, Ayub went on to recite the ‘Kalama-i-Tayyaba’ in a stirring, emotion-choked voice. His subsequent meeting with religious parties – mainly the Jamaat-i-Islami under Maulana ‘Abul ‘Ala Maududi – marked the beginning of the military-mullah nexus. Yahya would not have much to do with things spiritual until the induction of retired Maj.-Gen. Sher Ali Khan into his cabinet as minister in-charge of information and national affairs. He initiated Yahya into ideological lore and saddled him with the mission of protecting the ‘ideology of Pakistan and the glory of Islam’. Yahya’s intelligence chief, Major-(later Lieut.) Gen. Muhammad Akbar Khan made no secret of his close liaison with the Jamaat-i-Islami especially in respect of its pro-active role in East Pakistan.

Lies of Farid Paracha (JI) & Dr.Khalid Mahmood Soomro (JUI-F) – Part – 3 (Express News)
The Jamaat was to go even to the extent of certifying Yahya’s draft constitution as Islamic. The draft was authored by Justice A.R. Cornelius, Yahya’s law minister. As for Zia, he embarked on his Islamization programme even as he assumed his army command. He gave the army the triple motto of ‘Iman, Taqwa, Jihad fi Sibil Lillah’. Subsequently, as president, he introduced the Hudood Ordinance and collaborated with the Americans in projecting the Soviet-Afghan war as a jihad. The country continues to pay the bitter wages of Zia’s jihad syndrome. Gen Musharraf continued to recognize the Taliban’s radical Islamic regime as a legacy of the Nawaz Sharif period and extend muted support to the Kashmiri mujahideen until 9/11. That was the turning point and the defining moment for the future shape of relations between a para-secular government on the one hand and jihad-oriented, religious groups on the other. Musharraf relented on his temporal stance vis-a-vis the religious group under the pressure of political necessity during the general election of October 2002. He placed the mullahs at par with university graduates to qualify for membership of his ‘graduate’ assembly. The mullahs returned with strength sufficient to form coalition governments in the NWFP and Balochistan. Once in power they gradually and subtly clanged their religion-based stance into realpolitik where it suited their interest.

Hassan Nisar Abuses Jamat-e-Islami & Islamic Scholars
They supported the LFO to extract from Musharraf the promise that he would shed his uniform by the end of 2004. However, when it came to endorsing the NSC by an act of parliament, they abstained from voting. Hence the present crisis. The MMA’s Supreme Council, in no uncertain terms, declared its resolve to ‘scrap’ the NSC when it ‘obtains a simple majority in the house’. The inaugural session of the NSC (June 24) was off to an unhappy and not a little ill-tempered start. Chairing the session, the president was livid over the absence of the leader of the opposition, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, and NWFP Chief Minister Akram Durrani. He took particular note of the latter absenting himself as a government functionary – a somewhat strange observation to make about an elected public leader with a party mandate of his own.

Hassan Nisar about Zia regime 1
Hassan Nisar about Zia regime 2

The president spoke spiritedly and at some length on the rationale and functions of the NSC. Prior to the NSC, he said, there was no forum where ‘key functionaries’ including the opposition, provincial heads and armed forces chiefs could debate issues of national importance and ‘exercise checks on each other and lend support to each other’. Of course, the defence committee of the cabinet (DCC) was always there, but hardly as a body as comprehensive as the NSC. The question now is: what other body could be either more comprehensive and competent to discuss and resolve all issues of national importance than an elected parliament? Even in the context of a best-case scenario, it won’t be easy to rule out a perpetually difficult relationship between parliament and the NSC.

REFERENCE: MMA and the NSC By A.R. Siddiqi 30 June 2004 Wednesday 11 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1425 – The writer is a retired brigadier of the Pakistan Army.


Fareed Paracha & Jamat-e-Islami Misquote/Distort Quran on Samaa TV & Commit Blasphemy
LAHORE: The Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) activists manhandled senior teachers and administrative officials of the Punjab University (PU) for trying to stop them from organising a ceremony without the administration’s permission on Thursday. Reportedly, the clash occurred in the lawn of the varsity’s Philosophy Department, where the IJT was holding a prize-awarding ceremony, in which Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) leaders Farid Paracha and Hafiz Salman Butt also participated. The PU administration’s officials and some teachers, after receiving information, tried to stop the function, upon which the IJT activists got infuriated and allegedly tortured them. Shortly after, more teachers and officials, including Prof Dr Amin Athat, Prof Dr Shaukat Ali, Prof Dr Abdul Ghaffar, Javed Sami, Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed, rushed to the Philosophy Department to control the situation.

Choraha – Wajahat Masood, Farid Paracha (Episode 12)
The event, organised by the IJT without permission, disturbed the environment in the academic block of the new campus, the varsity administration said, adding that the Jamiat had also called its activists from the Government Science College, Wahdat Road, to participate in the event. An official statement issued by the PU vice chancellor’s adviser, Col (r) Ikram, claimed that the (IJT) students not only misbehaved with the senior teachers and administrative officers but also abused and pushed them to make them go away. Such insulting behaviour towards teachers was without any parallel in the history of any educational institution, the statement added.

According to PU Resident Officer Javed Sami, IJT Nazim Zubair Safdar, Hafiz Wajid, Amir Yaqub and Rashid Manzoor were among those who misbehaved with the teachers. He held that the students’ organisation should abide by the varsity’s rules and regulations, adding that those who manhandled the teachers should be rusticated. Sami further said that participation of the political leaders in the illegal event had a negative impact on the peaceful environment of the campus. Sources said that Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) President Mehr Saeed Akhtar’s sons were also in the group that manhandled the teachers. Meanwhile, the PU spokesman said that the academic staff had also condemned the incident. He said that the staff had resolved to maintain peaceful academic environment and ensure respect of the teachers and administrative officers. No students’ organisation would be allowed to violate the rules and regulations, and high values and traditions of the oldest and largest seat of higher learning in Pakistan, the PUASA pledged. The spokesman further said the PU administration had shown serious concern over the participation of some political leaders in the illegal functions held at the campus by the IJT students. “The administration hopes that the esteemed political leaders, who hold great respect, will avoid attending functions organised without a prior information of the administration,” he added.

REFERENCE: IJT activists manhandle PU teachers, admin officials * Clash took place after event organised by IJT without admin’s permission * Admin concerned over MPs’ participation in functions By Arsalan Haider Friday, January 21, 2011 http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2011\01\21\story_21-1-2011_pg13_4

LAHORE: SOME students of Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) tried to organise an illegal function without prior permission at Punjab University New Campus here on Thursday, which caused disturbance of academic environment in the Academic Block. A press release here on Thursday said the students erupted when the faculty members tried to stop them, on which administrative officers and senior professors also reached the spot and tried to convince the students not to disturb the peaceful environment. On this, the students not only misbehaved with the senior teachers and administrative officers but also abused and pushed them to go away. Such insulting behaviour towards teachers is without any parallel in the history of any educational institution. The academic staff and the university administration have condemned the incident. They have resolved that the peaceful academic environment and respect of the teachers and administrative officers will be ensured and no student organisation will be allowed to violate the rules and regulations and high values and traditions of the oldest and largest seat of higher learning in Pakistan.

MQM Exposes Jamat-e-Islami – Part 6
In another press release, the university administration said participation of political leaders produced a negative effect on the peaceful academic environment of the campus. The university administration hopes that the esteemed political leaderships held great respect, will void participation in such functions without prior information of the university administration. Farid Paracha and Hafiz Salman Butt participated in such a meeting that was held without permission of the university administration in the Academic Block without any prior information of the administration.

REFERENCE: PU foils IJT moot By Our Correspondent Friday, January 21, 2011 http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=26798&Cat=5&dt=1/21/2011

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