Australian Government extends full support to Teenager held for drugs in Indonesia

The Australian government has announced that it will lend full support to the 14-year old teenager arrested in Indonesia on charges for possessing Marijuana.

The announcement by the Australian Ambassador Mr. Moriarty in Indonesia comes after the 14 year old boy has spent the last 4 days in jail, after his arrest on Tuesday for being in possession of 6.9grams of Marijuana.

The ambassador visited the jail and held talks with the accused and his family for an hour.

Ambassador Moriarty said that while they are under a great deal of pressure, he has no specific concerns about the boy’s wellbeing at this stage.

The boy’s lawyer, Mohammad Rifan, says he is going to push for the boy to be dealt with under a section of the narcotics law which applies to minors who are drug addicts.

According to that section, teenagers who join a drug rehabilitation program are not punished by the courts.

However there is ambiguity if the accused teenager would have to attend the rehabilitation program in Indonesia or will be entitled to travel back to Australia and undergo the treatment.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said “There is no guarantee of a positive outcome, we must all be patient and work within Indonesian legal processes, We are going to work very carefully through Indonesian processes.”

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