Bob Carr remembers Margaret Thatcher as a racist

Australian Foreign Minister accuses Margaret Thatcher of having unabashedly racist views. He explained that Thatcher had warned him about Sydney turning into Fiji if the government continued allowing Asian, particularly Indian, citizens to migrate.

Bob Carr has served as premier of New South Wales between 1995 and 2005. His wife is of Malaysian origin.

“I recall one conversation I had with her in her retirement where she said something that was unabashedly racist, where she warned Australia – talking to me with Helena [his wife] standing not far away – against Asian immigration, saying that if we allowed too much of it we’d see the natives of the land, the European settlers, overtaken by migrants,” Carr said on a broadcasted interview.

“I was astonished. Helena fortunately was out of earshot. I remember one thing she [Thatcher] said as part of that conversation. She said:

‘You will end up like Fiji. I like Sydney but you can’t allow the [Asian] migrants … to take over otherwise you will end up like Fiji where the Indian migrants have taken over.

“I was so astonished I don’t think I could think of an appropriate reply. I think we moved on to other subjects pretty quickly.”

On the contrary, PM Julia Gillard spoke of Thatcher with high regard.

“Her service as the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom was a history-making achievement. Her strength of conviction was recognized by her closest supporters and her strongest opponents,” PM Gillard said in Beijing.

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