Death toll from Italy’s glacier failure rises

Italy's glacier

This article was last updated on July 4, 2022

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The death toll from Italy’s glacier crisis has risen to 18, and 18 people are still missing.

Yesterday’s glacier disaster in Italy claimed seven lives, up from six the day before. The Dolomite Mount Marmolada’s hunt for survivors has begun.

Further casualties are expected.

Mountaineers and guides were among those killed. They were caught in an avalanche that was triggered by a glacier that had cracked. Three of the victims are Italian, and one is Czech. One person died and two others are in serious condition due to the accident.

Foreigners from Romania, France, Austria, and the Czech Republic make up the majority of those who are absent. People who are buried have a worse likelihood of surviving if the search takes a lengthy time.

Using aircraft and drones, rescuers are looking for survivors in the area.

After the top of the Marmolada fell off the glacier, there was a “bizarre scene.”

ECB President Draghi has arrived at the catastrophe site to show his solidarity with the rescue personnel and their loved ones. In his prayers, Pope Francis remembers those who perished. Climate change-related tragedies should drive us to “deal with people and the environment in a better way,” he tweeted.

Yesterday, the glacier recorded a temperature of 10 degrees. Global warming will likely cause the last glacier on the 3300-meter-high peak to melt in the next few decades.

According to experts speaking to Italian media, the ice chunk fell at a speed of roughly 300 kilometers per hour. According to eyewitnesses, the avalanche victims suffered carnage. DNA testing is necessary for the identification of some remains.

In northern Italy, a chunk of ice falls off.

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