Five years in prison for Dutch duo who set off a fireworks bomb in Antwerp

fireworks bomb, Antwerp

This article was last updated on September 20, 2023

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Two Dutch individuals sentenced to five years in prison for fireworks bomb attack in Antwerp

Two Dutch individuals who orchestrated an attack using a fireworks bomb at a residence in Antwerp have been condemned to a five-year imprisonment in Belgium. Additionally, they are required to compensate the victims with over 40,000 euros, according to a report in the Gazette of Antwerp.

Attack leaves residents terrified and forces them to flee

On the night of November 16 to 17 last year, one of the culprits placed the package bomb at the front door of a house in the Wilrijk district. At the time, a woman and her four children were asleep inside the residence. Fortunately, no physical harm was caused to them; however, damage was inflicted on the front door.

Perpetrators convicted and held liable for their actions

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the individual responsible for planting the bomb was identified as Yithzak W. (33). He could be recognized from surveillance camera footage. Despite his claims of being in the area, sleeping in the backseat of a getaway car, the judge found his alibi to be lacking credibility.

The car used during the attack was driven by Gregory L. (32), who admitted to filming the delivery of the package bomb. For his involvement, he was promised a payment of 1000 euros.

Residents traumatized and forced to leave their home

As reported by the Flemish broadcaster VRT, the attack is believed to be connected to the drug trade. The court referred to this incident as “particularly serious,” causing fear and panic among the victims and the entire community. Furthermore, there were concerns that this incident could escalate gang violence.

According to the victims’ lawyer, their fear was so severe that they fled to Morocco and only found the courage to return months later. The lawyer described a heartbreaking incident: “When the 9-year-old daughter made her birthday wish list, along with the usual childhood desires, she included a drawing of their house with a message that said, ‘I want to go home, that is my biggest wish.'”

As part of their punishment, W. and L. are obligated to pay 2,500 euros in “moral damages” to the mother and her children for each family member. In addition, they must also compensate approximately 28,000 euros for the damage caused to the house.

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