WWII Bomber Occupants Identified

Crashed WWII bomber

This article was last updated on November 23, 2023

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Remains of British Bomber Identified

The remains found in the wreckage of a British bomber in the IJsselmeer have been identified. The plane, a Lancaster with number ED603, was recovered in September, shedding light on a decades-long mystery. This comes after the plane was located at a depth of 4 meters, about 6 kilometers from Breezanddijk on the Afsluitdijk. The identification process, carried out by Defense, has finally revealed the fate of the missing occupants of the aircraft.

The Crash and Recovery

The Lancaster crashed in 1943 after being shot down by a German night fighter while returning from a bombing raid on the German city of Bochem. Initially, four bodies of the seven British soldiers on the plane washed up in Friesland shortly after the crash, leaving the fate of the others unknown. The recovery of the aircraft has unfolded a significant historical event and provided closure to the families of the missing crew members.

Identification of Crew Members

Arthur Smart, Charles Sprack, and Edward Moore have been identified as the engineer, gunner, and radio operator, respectively, through laboratory research conducted by Defense. Personal belongings such as kite equipment, clothing, and two silver-plated cigarette cases with the initials of Arthur Smart and Edward Moore were also found in the wreckage. These items will be returned to the surviving relatives, honoring the memory of the fallen soldiers.

National Program for the Salvage of Aircraft Wrecks

The recovery of the aircraft is part of the National Program for the Salvage of Aircraft Wrecks, established for the retrieval of World War II wrecks potentially containing human remains. This initiative aims to uncover and honor the history of those who bravely served during the war, showcasing their sacrifices and contributions to the war efforts.

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