Cameron Vows to Strengthen Calais Border Control

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has mentioned in a serious tone on Wednesday that his government is considering to reinforce its border controls around the French port of Calais after witnessing unacceptable scenes involving illegal migrants trying to reach his country.

According to the footage released on Tuesday, crowds of migrants can be seen attempting to board and hide in queuing lorries after traffic was halted through the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France due to disruption by striking French ferry workers. In a statement issued by Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May, it was confessed that “a significant number” of migrants have been intercepted by the UK border force and French authorities within the last 24 hours. In his remarks, Cameron alleged that “we have been looking at whether we can put more personnel and indeed sniffer dog teams on that side of the channel to make a difference.” He stated that “there is also more work being done in terms of installing fencing not just around the port at Calais but also around the Eurostar and Eurotunnel entrance.”

Furthermore, Cameron’s statement urged European Union member states to work together in order to curtail the migrant problem at its source in order to “break the link” between getting in a boat to cross the Mediterranean and getting settlement in Europe. The British government announced to establish a 90-strong taskforce, including representatives from the National Crime Agency, Border Force and immigration enforcement, in order to acquire intelligence on the trafficking gangs and their routes.

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