FIFA & Brazil authorities at loggerheads

With less than 1000 days left before the kickoff of the 20th Football world cup i.e. the 2014 world cup to be held in Brazil, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and the president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff are at loggerheads with each other.

The problems that led to this is, first and foremost the problem of staging such an event in a developing country like Brazil. For FIFA it is not something to sweat about as it involved minimum risk as they will end up making all the money by selling the Television Rights.

Having said that, Brazil is one developing country that has the power to stand up to World Football governing. Brazil is 5 times champions, and the darling of world football, and president Rousseff is ready to cash in on this. . FIFA has been nervously waiting for Brazil to pass a law bringing into effect a governmental framework for 2014. Brazil as it seems is in no hurry, and is reluctant to give FIFA all it desires; Brazilian law states that senior citizens should pay half-price for public events. Some of the country’s 27 states have the same ruling for students. FIFA however wants no discounts. Brazil does not want to change this rule or on other points of divergence, including the sale of alcoholic drinks inside the stadiums or the punishment for those selling pirated merchandise.

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