Dilma Rousseff visting her father’s hometown


Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff promised on Wednesday that she would do her utmost to expand Brazil’s economic presence in Bulgaria via investments in agriculture, renewable energy, aircraft engineering and the oil industry.


Rousseff is the first head of state from Brazil to visit Bulgaria and she is accompanied by heads of companies, such as Petrobras, Electrobras, airplane maker Embraer and the world’s largest iron ore producer, Vale SA.


Rousseff after meeting her counterpart from Bulgaria said “Brazil considers Bulgaria a strong strategic ally in Europe and the Balkans, where we want to expand our presence, the two countries share many common values.”


A lot of people might not know that Rousseff’s father was born in Bulgaria in 1929 and later moved to Brazil. The people of Bulgaria whole heartedly celebrated her winning of presidential elections last year and they are all prepared to give her a warm welcome on Thursday.


She further added “I am surrounded by a lot of love since I arrived, which makes me feel connected to the people in Bulgaria because of my genetic links and the memory of my father, I intend to restore the dynamics and multiple opportunities” previously enjoyed by Bulgarian and Brazilian businesses, highlighting opportunities in “agriculture, renewable energy sources, aircraft engineering, extraction and processing of oil.”


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Dilma Rousseff

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